Adjustable Back Support Safety Belt For Heavy Lifting (20010X)

Adjustable Back Support Safety Belt For Heavy Lifting (20010X)

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Adjustable Back Support Safety Belt Use Instruction:

Please be sure to read carefully and follow the instructions thoroughly.
WARNING: The use of this product does not prevent back injury. Make sure to use proper lifting techniques when using this belt. Please consult your doctor if pain or discomfort occurs when using this product.

Position the pad correctly as it is shown in the first picture. Make sure the loop on the lower center of the back support is positioned at the bottom and centered over the tail bone. It is critical to the function of the belt to wear it properly.
Wrap the belt around your waist, cover the left flap on top of the right flap. Make sure the two Velcro surfaces are matched up and you have a solid foundation from overlap. Release the two side support flaps from the Velcro, pull them forward and attach them to the Velcro located on the front of the belt.

Wash and Care Instructions:
Hand wash with mild soap and cold water. Do not bleach. Line dry only.

Model wearing size M